Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Inspired Planting!

Almost a year ago, I saw a picture of a hanging basket that took my breath away. It, or I should say they, since there were many of them at the arboretum where this picture was taken, were big and draping colorful blooms over the edges of the baskets. I knew I wanted to recreate this beautiful picture with plants and baskets of my own. Here is the beginning of my Hydrangea baskets.I chose variegated Hydrangea's since I already own the solid leaf variety and the variegated leaf gives more interest when the plant is not in bloom. I can't wait until next Spring, when I get to see the full results.

..and by the way - the hanging baskets were purchased at Walmart on sale for $5.00 each. The Hydrangeas, 2 per basket, were on sale at Houston Plants for only $3.00 each!


Susan said...

That's going to look so beautiful when it's already pretty. I think I'll go check out Walmart. I love hanging baskets.

LivingTheLife said...

I love hanging pants...and the variegated hydrangea is going to be gorgeous next spring when it already has a great start!

Hey, I found something the other day while I was out thrifting...went to a local re-sale shop and something caught my eye that "screamed" Julie...I don't have your address...would you be alright with sending that to me via my email I can send you the little's not much...but it did remind me of I got it...AND it was on sale for 45% you can't beat that. I would have sent this to you at your email address...but for some reason my computer will not allow me to click on the icon for "send email" and then let me do just that...yes, it has issues. So if you are comfortable emailing me your address...I'll try to get this out by next week...or you can send me a PO Box...whichever you have that will work best for you.


CIELO said...

Hi Julie.... just got back from wandering the galaxies and came by to say hi..... It’s so good to see you again! Thanks for running away with me for a while and for your warm wishes and concerns.

ps: Your basket is already looking great as is.... I predict beauty and bounty...