Thursday, July 3, 2008

Remember Doing This?

..ahhh yes Brownies.....just as good raw as they are cooked! This is Madison, our beautiful Grand Daughter!


Susan said...

My mom always let me lick the beaters on cakes, frosting, brownies, etc. She also baked me little pieces of pie crust, too. This brought bake yummy memories!

Rapunzel said...

Hey, I still do that! ;-)

She is absolutely adorable!!

JoAnn said...

I had lunch yesterday at Lake of the Ozarks with Pat from Back Yard Musings and she told me about your South Padre trip that I should read about. We spend three or four months each winter there so have been to the places you mentioned. We stay at Isla Blanca, the rv park at the south end of the island. We go to Progresso though instead of Matamoros. We especially enjoy eating at Pelican Landing and Dirty Al's. Your photography was excellent and I enjoyed reading about your adventure. You mentioned Schulenburg---I wonder if you have done the Painted Church tour. That is really neat.

Happy Trails,
JoAnn from Missouri

vivian said...

she is soo cute! I still eat raw cookie dough and lick the spoons!!

BumbleVee said...

remember? yup.... it was just last week; banana nut muffin batter..... If my sweetie is home it is his ...but if he isn't ..well, somebody has to do it ...right?

restyled home said...

O)h my goodness...she is as scrumptious as all that chocolate!! More even!