Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hurricane Dolly!

Hurricane Dolly increased to a Category 2 right before turning a bit North and slamming into South Padre Island...the place that we chose to vacation last month. This leaves Don and I wondering.....

...what they do with the turtles at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center?


PAT said...

I wonder about that, too!

I've been busy, so just now seeing your latest photos. Loved the photos of Miss Madison and her party. She's a doll.


Susie Harris said...

I would hope they move them to a safe haven...Love those turtles! My daughter just headed that way for a school field trip... What was I thinking... Cant wait till she gets home safe and sound tommorow! Susie h~

LivingTheLife said...

Yea...that little hurricane is wreaking havoc on my sweet lil sis' cruise...they left on Sunday out of Galveston...heading for Cozumel and Progresso...I received an email Tuesday morning saying things were pretty OK...a lot more choppy than she would like...but the dramamine was working pretty well...and the crew was working hard to steer away from Dolly.
Late last night I get an SOS asking if I could send a helicopter to rescue her, her hubbin and their youngest son...she said most EVERYONE was holed up in their cabins OR walking around very carefully b/c so many folks were getting sick on deck...guess that gives the "poop" deck a whole new meaning and a new shade of green! She did email me tonight...and said what a difference a day makes...they landed in Progresso...and kissed the ground...they head out tonight for Cozumel...and are looking forward to some fun/sun...and then hopefully by the time they return...Dolly will be just a memory! This is her second cruise...and both times she's had to deal w/natural disasters...last time was after an earthquake on the ocean floor which apparantly has the same effect as a hurricane as far as turbulence. You can bet I won't be going on any cruises with her anytime soon!

YOUR grandbaby an absolute DOLL...she looks like she is more fun than one can handle...and a new one on the way...Congrats and keep us posted!

Sorry for the long post...I've been so MIA takes me a while to catch up.