Friday, July 25, 2008

A Dog Story

I want to introduce you to Lily. Lily is a very special dog...

..Highly bred, she is the daughter of Wiggle-B-Chrissy and...

Kiss Me KC..

Lily owns and loves this family, Daren, Emily and Madison Snyder.What makes Lily so special though is this little story:

For all of her life, Lily was allowed the luxury of sleeping in the big master bed, going and doing pretty much as she pleased...until one special day. On that day, Emily and Daren brought home a peculiar creature. It smelled kind of like them, sounded like them, but was much much smaller than they were.

Somehow Lily knew that it was her mission in life to protect this small person and from that very day, she gave up the soft pillow top mattress and slept beneath the crib. Lily's eyes are never far from the child and she is always ready to assist in any way she can....even if that means being a stepping stool or a chair!


Fran├žoise said...

Hi Julie, I read your comment on Cote de Texas. I thought I would peek in and tell you that many years ago when I was traveling through blue grass country I visited several famous stables and that I loved some of the houses of the breeders/owners. Since there is a book about just everything in the world, I am sure there is one about these places that might inspire you. I wish I could be more precise but my memory is more holistic that detailed.
My own mother was a born designer too and though I try I don't have that instinctive knack for the detail that makes a room perfect, amusing and memorable all at once. Very frustrating, isn't?

Another common point: my daughter was adopted and though her adolescence was truly a miserable experience, at nearly 40 she is a great friend and supporter.

That little girl is adorable; is she your granddaughter?

Rapunzel said...

What a sweetie she is!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! What a beautiful dog. I want one like that! I could kiss her all day :)


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Oh that is so touching! I love dogs just for that reason!

justabeachkat said...

Oh, Julie! What a sweet posts with special photos too.


(BTW...there's a couple of awards for you at my place when you get a chance to drop by)

Michele said...

Hi Julie - I just discovered your site and we already have something in common - I too ADORE corgis!! My Belle runs our home and we gladly let her. She has my husband completely wrapped around her little paw. I love horses also but am allergic and am selling mine. Recently sold my mare and am advertising my 1/2 connemara yearling gelding.

vivian said...

what a sweet little story! I love how dogs love and protect their families. I dont have a dog.. two cats though. I do plan on getting another dog someday.. I just dont know what kind I want yet.. maybe a great dane! maybe a pug.. maybe both! maybe a bulldog or a lab.. I just dont know.. but all the kids and cats need to be out first!.. well at least the cats, these two would never tolerate a dog and shouldnt have to, they are 16 years old and rule the house!
lilly and maddison are adorable together!

Mrs. Jones said...

How sweet!! I just love corgis. I wish mine would sleep in the kids' rooms like that.