Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Babies on the Brain!

Sooo - my Granddaughter is coming...My Granddaughter is coming!!!...and I went over to Craigs List to find a used crib. At 18 months old, she would not be comfortable in the smaller portable bed we used last time they were here. Well I found one that was a steel. I will post photos of it soon. While assembling it though - I discovered that its previous owner (the child) must have had a hard time teething, because there were some bite marks on the rails. When I put the main side rail on, there were even more bite marks..and I started to wonder if the previous owner might have been a dog! (just joking!) I wish like crazy that I had time to refinish the crib - but I don't think I can.

So - I started to look for bedding. HOLY COW! Crib bedding was 10 times more expensive that the crib! I became totally frustrated - because what seemed reasonable in price was tacky by design...and what was creative by design was painful in price!

I then retreated into the magical world of little girls bedrooms and stopped looking at price. Here is what I found at Pottery Barn. I know - I know ..it is over the top in Pink!..but Emily's (my oldest daughter) room was pink when she was little and I still have that soft spot.


justabeachkat said...

How exciting! Baby supplies are expensive...I know. Post some photos when you get it set up and ready.


Betty said...

I know you are really excited that your grandbaby is coming for a visit. I know you willl get it all together before she gets there.

Lisa said...

Congrats! I love those rooms you posted. Just perfect for a little girl.

emily said...

I got Madison's crib set on amizon. Try there.

Nancy said...

My daughter has bought all her bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and it's soooooooo precious. My contribution to the nursery is a chandelier! With cute pink gingham shades!!!! And a cute little teapot lamp from Babies R Us. We never had these cute things when my kids were little and I'm so anxious to help decorate!