Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Organized Are You?

Even though it is not official, January seems to be the month most of us get more organized and do a first Spring cleaning. Below are a few pictures of storage ideas and the last 2 photos are of my own kitchen cabinets.

This photo is inspiring to me. I want my pantry to look like this!

I want this!!!! I love the idea of being organized, but I have to be able to see my things to use for me, just getting the most "stuff" in the smallest amount of space is not really being organized!

This might be a good idea for some, but you lose me with the photos on the outside of the box. I can't see myself doing that and although it looks better than having everything all over the floor, it still is not eye pleasing enough for me.

I hope not to offend anyone here, but to me this is a joke! I love my library and enjoy my books over and over. I keep them categorized by subject so that I can find the book I am looking for and at times, they need to be stacked according to size for obvious purposes, but never would I color code them.

I will post more pictures as I get things back into their correct place, but here is one of my kitchen cabinets....

...and here is another. Not going to get too much more inside of this one!


Priscilla said...

Hi, Yes the new year seems to inspire organisation, I love the idea of making a plan and sticking to it, but I havnt made a plan yet! The book photo is interesting, I think it could work if you had a pink room or something like a 'pink child's room' and kept the pink books out? Could maybe work then...... but I think I would prefer by subject matter!

Priscilla x

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Julie,
I must say the first 2 pictures are very well oranized and I like the way they are oranized. I don't have alot of cabinet space myself, so I have to make do with what I have. I'm not as organized as most people are. The bookshelf needs to go. LOL. The color coding deal is just UGLY to me. You have some beautiful dishes Julie. I hope you get everything organized soon and things back to where you want them. It just takes time. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I am so with you on getting things organized. I go through this when school starts and January.

Thanks for your support and on the red door? You mean you asked him first? Never! He'll love it when it's done. Men have no vision for red doors.

Betty said...

Everything looks nice to me, Julie. You do a good job at organizing.

I need one of those purse organisor. I love purses and have way too many

Naturegirl said...

Julie my cupboards need organizing so badly...perhaps you've inspired me too with these images! I agree the books look..well I won't say but I sure would not do that!Now where shall I start!
P.S. I am getting stronger each day..soon I'll dance!! hugs NG

Brenda said...

Well, you see my pantry picture on my side bar. I hate boxes and bags. As soon as we are home from the store when unloading it goes staright to it labled container. Great way to organize and great way to see when you are running out of something.
Now don't get me wrong I have more areas to do.I had it all about done and then the kids all moved out so now I am starting fresh.

bj said...

Oh, dear...I do wish my cabinets and pantry were all organized...but they aren't. Maybe some day....I have such a list of fun things to do to my house that I don't know if I'll ever get around to all of it.
hugs, bj

Nancy said...

Hi, Julie! I agree with you on the color coded bookshelf. Really! How would you ever find a book if you didn't recall what color its jacket was?!

nannykim said...

the fact that we in America have to organize always speaks to me about how much stuff we all have. It always seems we need so much and when I go to other countries or my family members travel to third world areas --I get a weird feeling. I want to declutter and yet I love the beauty of different items, and have a real weakness for books. But I sometimes wish I could choose simplicity---I struggle with this.