Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Challenge to All!

Tell me about the charitable organizations you donate to or support with volunteer time - other than your house of worship.
These are 2 of my favorites:
I sponsor a child through Compassion www.compassion.com

I help raise money and also support Saddlebred Rescuewww.saddlebredrescue.com


justabeachkat said...

Good causes.

I support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I am a breast cancer survivor. Prasie God!

Please stop by my blog daily and click on the button on my sidebar to give free mammograms to those who need them.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Julie, Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog.

I support a couple of children thru Compassion and World Vision. Then other stuff throughout the year where needed, mostly local needs.

:) Lidy

Robyn said...

I support the National Thyroid Cancer Research. I am a survivor of Thyroid cancer.


Also support American Diabetes Assoc. because my mom has it and my bestfriend!


Lilli & Nevada said...

Those are beautiful horses, Great foundations

vickie said...

great foundations. Wonderful to hear of a rescue for these beautiful animals.

PAT said...

During my daughter's pregnancy, last year and the ultimate birth and death of our grandson, we learned quite a bit more about St Louis Childrens Hospital, than we had known before. We make donations there in memory of our sweet Elijah.

Other organizations are the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association. These diseases have had a huge impact on our family.

Humane Society is another organization we've donated to.

I was a Brownie leader and
Girl Scout Neighborhood Secretary when my girls were small.

For several years I was a volunteer teacher's aide and library aide.


Killi said...

I live on disability & have no spare cash, but when a friend with 7 childer, 4 of them Irish citizens, was widowed & returned to Ireland to be told that she was entitled to no help, even to find a job & feed & clothe her childer, myself & the Travellers rallied around her. When she was thrown out of the rented house they were in, I gave over 1/3 my house to store some of their things, I've lent her my spare 'phone (replaced after someone torched the caravan the Travellers lent her) & gave her all the eggs my poultry laid so her childer had something to eat. She's borrowed my incubators to build up her own flock (eggs from me, too!) I gave her 2 of our kittens to keep any vermin down & her horses were in my fields for a while. I also fed her dogs whenever they came up, did her washing & let all of them use my bathroom. Oh & she was added as my carer on my free bus pass so she could get into town to shop with whatever money she did have (sold her jewellry) & the 3 babies were babysat at my house where they could run & play in safety & watch dvds (no TV as a TV here). I fed them occasionally. It's not much, but all I could do.
I give to charities when I can, but I would rather give up my food to help a friend than unknown com,panies with salaried "volunteers" (that happens here).

I think what you do is brilliant