Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Candy Corn!

So you have "regular" Candy Corn

Then you have different shapes of Candy Corn

Candy Corn Costume

Candy Corn Plants

Candy Corn Soda

..and probably the worst Candy Corn recipe!
Okay - Please know that I find this recipe over the top ~ too sweet - but I wanted to post it because I know someone would ask!
Candy Corn Crispy Balls
4 C. rice crisp cereal
4 C. miniature marshmallows (10 oz.) or 40 large marshmallows
1/2 C. peanut butter
1/4 C. butter or margarine
2 C. (1 lb.) Candy Corn
Cellophane and orange ribbon

Combine cereal and Candy Corn in large bowl and set aside.
Melt margarine and peanut butter in large saucepan. Add marshmallows, stirring until completely melted.
Pour marshmallow mixture over cereal and stir to coat.
With buttered fingers roll into balls, (or press into 9 x 13 inch pan and cut into squares.)
Cut a 8-inch square of cellophane.
Roll each ball in cellophane and twist ends closed. Tie with ribbon.
Makes 16 balls.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Well that is a very interesting about all the different candy corns, I have to agree with you about the candy corn balls not for me either.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I love those mellow cream pumpkins!!! Those are my favorites this time of year! I loved this post! The flowers are so neat!


Brenda said...

Girls I just went to Wal-mart and they know have caremel candy corn. it has a golden brown strip. Love it all.

Robyn said...

That is cool all the different candy corn!

Kari said...

All of that candy corn looks so good! And I don't even eat the stuff that much. lol It just looks so "fallish"!!!! And, while the temp guage said it was 93 degrees today, my calendar says it's FALL so the candy corn is lookin' pretty darn good right about now. lol

Sandy said...

Have you had the new hershey candy corn kisses yet? YUM! I could eat a whole bag of the pumpkins! Great color on the flowers as well. Amazing and I probably never would have looked at them and thought candy corn.

have a wonderful week.
Sandy :)