Friday, August 3, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality tagged me to do here it goes!

1. I went to college for and used to work as a Surgical Technologist. For those of you who do not know is a lot like a Scrub Nurse. My Father is a Neurosurgeon (Brain Surgeon) and I used to scrub in with him because I loved to watch him work. I quit doing this when I divorced and the girls natural Father abandoned any responsibility. I had to take call and there is no such thing as an "on call" babysitter!

2. My oldest daughter is named Emily. I loved that name because one of my Fathers young patients was named that. Her name and her remembrance always gives me a good feeling. After all the papers were signed and Emily was 'officially' Emily and I told my parents, my Fathers mouth just dropped open..and not in a good way. Apparently he had an evil Aunt Em that used to watch him and lock him out of the house during the depression when my Grandmother had a job!

3. I was adopted at birth. I know little about my natural parents and other than when I was pregnant, (because of the lack of medical history) I have never had a desire to locate them or any information about them. Ironically EVERYONE tells me I look just like my Father!

4. I write poetry. but I prefer to call them story poems because I do not like modern poetry. The first poem I ever wrote was an anniversary gift to my parents that ended with this stanza:
Not flesh of my flesh,
Not bone of my bone,
Yet still very much my own...

Most of my other poems are about real people - some of my Fathers patients, a foster child, a man who survived the Holocaust, etc.

5. My Mother was an Interior Designer and after I graduated from High School, we went to college together. She was returning for her Interior Design Edu.

6. My 2 brothers, both older than me are my parents natural children.

7. When I was 5 or 6 I was playing with my neighbor on his swing set. The swing set came apart and one of the main beams hit me in the face, leaving me with a crescent shaped scar on my cheek. My Mother was horrified and I had plastic surgery to remove the scar when I was in first grade!

8. I love to build furniture. The largest piece I have built so far is an entertainment center for our old house. I brought it to the farm when we moved. I flipped it upside down, painted it white, added onto it substancially and attached it to the wall. It is now floor to ceiling high and section by section it is:
1. a desk with bookshelves
2. book shelves
3. Entertainment center and bookshelves
4. book shelves
5. window seat with storage under the seat and bookshelves that face the inside of the window seat (can be partially seen in my photo of Chrissy)
6. an indoor dog house for Chrissy.

One day I will try and take a picture of this monster piece...or maybe it will take 2 or 3 pictures!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Julie, it was fun reading about you too! All these interesting tidbits about ourselves...we'll have folks on the edge of their seats, LOL.

Love that doggie pic! How cute is that. And, I love that little peak of your toile WT & that windowseat is so pretty.


melissa c said...

Hi Julie - I found your blog through Kats. I enjoy 'getting to know you' through this post!

username: mccaligiuri
password: lulubelle

justabeachkat said...

Loved learning more about you. Great list.


Carolyn said...

Wow! What interesting parts of your life! What great training for you, to scrub in with your dad. And too bad about ole Aunt Em . .as your daughter has no doubt given new memories to attach to that name! Can't imagine going to college with my mom. What a fun thing to do. And can see where you get some of your interior design flare! And awesome that you are a poet, too. A great post, Julie. Have a a great day! :-)

Nancy said...

Can't wait to see a picture/s of your creation!

Cynthia said...

I found you through Terri's blog. How interesting to learn that we both have something in common. Your #3 is just like me!
Texas wishes!