Friday, October 13, 2017

...And More Gets Done!

Here is an updated pic of the kitchen .

Door and drawer hardware is being installed and the glass is in the decorative door as well as the glass shelves

We had the oven raised, so now instead of having a large tray cabinet - there will be a bottom drawer and a top narrow cabinet where I can put baking sheets.  I cannot tell you how happy I am we made this change!  

This is one of the sink faucets in the master bathroom.  It has sentimental value because this is the same faucet my parents had in their bathroom.

This is Mike's closet.  I put a mirror above the seat which I wish now I had done something like this in my closet.

I loved working with a company called Milstead glass.  They were so professional! This is the exercise room where you can see one wall is completely mirrored.  Lily needs to get on the tread mill! 

Here is one of the upstairs bathrooms.  I am so glad that one of my neighbors happened to stop by when they were about to bring this tup up the stairs.  It is cast iron and weighs a LOT.  Butch helped them to carry it up without doing damage to the stairs!  God Bless You Butch!!!  I have a beautiful piece of beveled glass that will be placed over the window to give it a more antique feel.

We are really excited and things seem to be moving along but there is still quite a bit to do before we are really done and ready to move in.  The plumbing still needs to be run from the well to the house.  The wood floors and carpet need to be installed.  The painters need to come back to finish touch ups.  A band of decorative tile needs to be put on above the tile in the above bathroom.  Door knobs, drawer pulls and clothes rods need to be installed.  The master tub will hopefully go in today.  The electrician needs to hook up the hot water heaters and finish installing 4 bathroom lights as well as get the kitchen antique hanging fixture working.  I am sure there is more - 

We got a bid for a sprinkler system .. it was high but the company has great reviews and was recommended to us.  We also need to get a final grade on the front lawn and then start bringing in good garden soil for the beds as well as get some kind of grass growing because come April 2018, it has to be wedding ready!!

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