Thursday, September 21, 2017

God's Hand is on This Project

Long but amazing story!! Those who know me know I have been working to build a house for about 5 years. Why did it take so long - for one I do not believe in debt. Anyway - I worked hard to incorporate things that have special meaning to me - One of those silly things are these solid brass egg shaped door knobs. My Mom and Dad had them in their house and I just loved the way they felt in my hand. They are NOT cheap.. so for years I have been collecting them off of Ebay and other sources. The passage knobs were not too hard to find, but the ones with locks were. Years it took me to collect enough for all the exterior doors on this house - 2 upstairs and 5 down and deadbolts to match and they came from ALL over the US. Well I took them all in to have them keyed so that 1 key would open all of the locks. The locksmith was opening some that were 'used' and had been removed from homes and he was opening the original packaging on others that had never been used. EVERY single one was keyed IDENTICALLY. We just stood there and stared at each other until finally I broke the silence by saying, Do you believe in God? He said yes. I said, do you believe in Jesus and he responded by saying "There is not One without the Other." I smiled and said I could stand here all day and give testimony to all the miracles I have experienced involving this house, and here is yet another one!

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