Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Door and Drawer Pulls!

This was super fun and I came in way below what I had budgeted!!  That is GREAT news because I have run so far over in other areas!!!

Using the stately Lions Head for the Library!

These marble pulls will be used in the den.

Love these and will use them in the master bathroom and in my closet

Mike chose these for his closet.  They will look beautiful against the dark wood.

Knobs with a nautical feel will be used in the upstairs bath with only a shower.

These fun Paris knobs will be used in the upstairs bathroom with the slipper tub

This bunny pull will be used on the laundry chute door

Love these fun knobs which will be used in the media room.  I asked the designer if he could make me 2 with a picture of Cary Grant.....swoon....

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