Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stairs and More..

Sooo - BMC Lumber and Bison Lumber are merging and it is causing a MESS.  So many supplies we need have been delayed.  One of those are the stair treads.  They arrived yesterday, so today I was thrilled to see this new project getting started!  Once the stairs and balcony are done, the iron works crew can come in to put in the balusters.

Still waiting (close to 1 month now) on the flex trim for the top of the arched windows and doors, 1 sliding door, 1 exterior door from the attic to the media room and have not even received a bid on some custom doors for the library.... sigh

The fireplace in the family room.  Having a raised hearth with cabinets below so I can store a few fire logs.  There are 3 fireplaces.  The other 2 (master and library) have antique mantles.

More detail trim work being done in the library.  Does not show well in this pic.

This is the back side view of the island.  The hole on the right is for the dish washer, the center section will house the sink and the left has a trash can cabinet.

This is inside my closet.   It is a Murphy closet.  Lily likes to visit with the workers.

Concrete guy was suppose to start on Monday - that has been delayed until Thursday.

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