Thursday, June 8, 2017


One of the things you have to have, pay for and change out when you are building a home is the dumpster... Well - we started construction back up.. and had to wait a few days to get our dumpster because of the rain...

11:30am this morning:


They called and said we are here - where do you want it?  I ran down to the house and told them where to park it... This is how they drop it off..
...and this is what sits in your yard until it is full and you are ready for them to replace it.. 3PM, this is what the dumpster looked like!  I called the guy and the conversation went something like this:

"Hi!  This is Julie Size.  You delivered a dumpster to me this morning."
He relied, "Yep."
"Well," I said.."It is full!  When can you come and replace it?"
... long silence...
"You are kidding me?"
"No.  It is full." I replied.  "In fact, there is stuff sticking over the top in the middle section.  Can you bring me a new one tomorrow?"
...long silence and then I can hear him chuckle
"Yes Maam!"

....and I did not even get a chance to put my broken lawn mower into this load!

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