Wednesday, June 7, 2017

...And The Beat Goes On...

Yesterday was NUTS!!  .. but in a good way.  Everyone showed up to work (YAY!!).. plus Tyler from BMC came to walk the house as we discussed interior doors.  We will have 3 specialty doors.  The entrance to the laundry room - which will also be used as a place to keep the dog(s) at times - so I want to get a dutch door for that.  The picture is not exactly what we want - but it will give you an idea:

The next special door that I am having a difficult time locating would be something really unique for the library.  The doors are tall, narrow and double.  These will likely have to be custom made...$$ OUCH $$....  This is a close of an inspirational picture as I have found:

The last special door, I actually already have - it just has to be correctly installed!  This will be a swinging door that goes between the formal dining room and the kitchen.  All throughout the house there are hints to my past and this is one of them.  Both my Grandmother and my Mom had swinging doors between their kitchens and dining rooms and I just loved that detail!  I need to snap a pic of the door I chose for this as it has a lot more formal detail than the below inspirational pic:

These are the actual solid brass push plates I bought for the swinging door

Other things that happened yesterday:
1.  I pushed having the dumpster delivered until tomorrow because of all the rain and mud.
2.  The guy who will likely do our concrete driveway, pads for AC's and some back porch stairs came out for a meeting - He had all kinds of wonderful ideas that I will have to put together into a different blog post.
3.  The insulation guys came and finished insulating the garage - so I am now ready for garage doors!  YAY - maybe that means no more birds will get trapped in the house.

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