Friday, May 26, 2017

New Beginnings!

..So after 25 years - my marriage came to an end.  26 if you count the fact that it took 18 months to get the divorce!  I do not believe in airing dirty instead of fussing about the past - LET US GET ON WITH A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE!!!

Yes - I still have my farm and my home is as it was 2 years ago.  Thank you Lord for getting it to the position of being dried in ~ so it is still in good shape.  The dry wall guy said he was shocked that the interior lumber still has the auburn look, as he has seem some turn grey as soon as 4 months into construction!!

I ordered the garage doors and my adorable sweet boyfriend....(YES I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!..but that will be another post).. put up the insulation around the garage door openings so the dry wall could be installed so the garage doors can be installed when they get here!... While we are not ready for drywall just yet inside the house, it had to be put up before the garage doors go in... Did you get that ??  because it confused the heck out of me!

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