Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well - we have had some hick-ups and things have slowed down a bit in the construction of the house, but here is what we are working on now.

First of all, more crushed rock delivered and the drive in front of the house is now done.

Second - I got a call and found out the price of dry wall was going to increase by 20% as of January 1st. so instead of going on to the next step , which would have been insulation, we decided to use the money on the dry wall... and trust me when I say it was a LOT of money..

These are the frames for the pocket doors.  They have been delivered but not yet installed.

Another issue we have been dealing with is a leak.  We had a bad leak coming from the 2nd story porch which is located right above the kitchen eating area.  The roofers had to come back out and completely reseal that porch and I am now waiting for a big rain to test it before we even think of doing anything else... at least anything else that would close off that area - like insulation.


Weaseldancr said...

Sorry to here you've had set backs,but lovely to hear how your journey is progressing.

MEME said...

glad to hear from you! enjoy your blog so much.

Ashley said...

Hey! So it's come to my attention that Blogger isn't updating/redirecting my old blog to my new one. I'm going around commenting on all the blogs I follow because I don't know how to contact everyone otherwise. My old blog Horses: The Process of Learning is back in action at This is some kind of blogger error. But I would love for you to come follow me over there!