Monday, September 1, 2014

Fireplace Solution..

..sort of....

Remember the fireplace in the library was too deep and did not fit the space allotted and it stuck out into the room?  Well, here is what we had to go with in order to not have to knock out the wall behind the fireplace. 

While I am thrilled not to have to endure the cost of taking out and rebuilding a wall, this unit is so small I know we will have to do some serious designing with surround tile to get it to work with the antique mantle I bought to use in this room.

This is the antique mantle I bought.  I may end up having to cut it down so it is not so tall, but I will deal with that later..   Excuse the mess as this is a storage room for things to be used in the house...and (ahem) for unused exercise equipment!!

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Anonymous said...

What about filling in the open empty space with a tile surround?