Saturday, August 2, 2014


Things seem to have slowed to a snails pace, but we did get some things done this week..

Here is the newest front view - as you can see a bit more siding was done... and the antique windows are in:

 and the antique windows are in, but these pictures do not do them justice.  This is the one in the library.

They build the platform for the master bathtub - and you can see the windows above.

..and this one is in the mud room by the door out to the port a cache.

Doors were also installed this week:  Above is one of my favorites, as is the one below that leads to the back porch.
This is the door from the 2 car garage to the exercise room

This is the ugly door with the pet door that goes into the 1 car garage from the port a cache

..and this is one set of upstaird double doors that goes out to the juliet balcony.

This is the outside of the second story balcony.  They put in the French doors and built the step is the platform for the sitting room..

 ..and this is the door from the sitting room out to the back porch.
Waiting for a heat load test to get done so the AC guy can get more of his work done.  Am waiting on the master shower fixture to come in before the plumber can get started again.  The claw foot tub is on its way.  2 water heaters were delivered last week. Last 3 windows were suppose to come in this week - but they are delayed until next week.  Need to hire the fireplace guy - gave up on using the ash dumps  :0(   Need to hire a guy to put in our front doors since they are not framed in.  need to get all of our locks keyed - so they match.
Once all that is done - I will start talking to the electrician!  This is exhausting - but Thanks you Lord for giving us this blessing!! 


vivian said...

It is a true blessing. You are very lucky! I cant even begin to imagine being able to afford to build such a beautiful home. I cant come up with the 10,000.00 we need to redo the front porch that is falling and to put on a new roof that we are seriously in need of! I know though that at some point God will provide a way. in the meantime, I am serioulsy enjoying watching the progress on your beautiful home! It really is going to be gorgeous!
I imagine keeping track of all the progress and orders and who comes next is a little bit of stress.. but in my book, thats awesome stress! lol!
Happy Sunday my friend!

Justabeachkat said...