Thursday, August 28, 2014

Short Update..

I ran down to the house this morning because (Thank You Lord!!) clouds are forming and we are sure to get some rain!  I wanted to make sure the windows were shut as the workers will sometimes open them on hot days. 

The AC guys were down there and they told me they will be finished this afternoon!!  So now I get to call the framer back and we can continue on!  Another problem solved was the fireplace in the library.  They came back and replaced the unit with a smaller one that fits the depth.  Will take a picture the next time I have my camera with me.

Waiting to hear from the guy who will  install the front door.  We are getting close to getting the whole house dried in. 

As for the Carriage House, which is where we currently live:

Once we are at the point of moving out, some revamping will need to be done before the next step, mainly new carpeting!  Our plan has always been to use this as an income generating source, but since I am unsure about the timing of the completion of the main house, I am not sure of any I will just let God handle it! 

Right now, it is packed to the gills.  We have stuff stored that we have purchased for the house from light fixtures to furniture.  When my parents passed away, I inherited lots of furniture and household items from them ... and when Emily and Daren and their family were transferred to Germany, they blessed us with a TON of stuff.  I feel like I am one item away from being featured on the next eppisode of Hoarders! 

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