Friday, August 15, 2014

I Can Hear Her Words..

.. my Mom - that is...

She was a very unique person.   Beautiful ~ Smart ~ Creative ~ Independant ~ Goal Orientated are just a few of the great things about her.  She was human though.  She struggled all of her life with insecurities and it manifested itself through a few ways - one being belemia. 

Mom wanted to get a college degree but could not support herself and the costs of college - so she worked as closely as she could to what she was interested in - medicine, as a lab tech.  During that time, she met and married my Father.  Society deemed them unequal in social class, but my sweet Father knew she was the only one for him and was devoted to her to the day of his death, 5 years after her passing. 

After raising 3 kids, my 2 brothers and I, she did return to college at the same time I did and persued a new interest - Interior Design.  She made straight A's.  My favorite project I saw her work on was a 3-D drawings.  Same subject at many different angles.  When all the other students were doing drawings of buildings or furniture, my Mother chose to do one of a frog... yes - a real life FROG.  She got an A+ on  that project... and about a year later, she was thrilled to call her college teacher a close friend as well.

Mom and I had different tastes in furniture and design.  I cherished the old - while she delved into the new.  She did however leave me with design advice that covers any style:

1.  Classic - Trendy is just one step above Trashy!
2.  Collections - peoples personalaties come out with something they enjoy collecting
3.  Cluttered - no matter what the design - if you put too much stuff into too little a space, it will look cluttered
4.  Comfortable - no matter the design, if it is not comfortable ~ you will not enjoy using it
5.  Cost - should cost enough to be worh keeping, but not so much you will not use it.
6.  Character - Each room should have its owners character and never look like it came out of a catalog
7.  Clean - love your home enough to respect it and keep it clean!

I am sure there was more - but those are the ones that come to my mind right now. 

I sure wish she was here to watch our home coming to life.

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