Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Can I Be 2/3rd's Happy??

Well - you will understand this chapter heading in a minute!  Yesterday I found out that the fireplace guys were coming.  I thought they were just coming to measure, but when I went to check things out, I saw that they had actually installed the units!!!  In case you do not know, putting a fireplace into a newly build house is really cheap compared to other upgrades.  Each only only costs about 1800.00.  We opted to put 3 into our house, which probably represents how much I have missed having one the last 13 years as we were not allowed to put one in the Carriage House. (per the mean insurance company!)

Anyway - here they are:

This is a corner unit that is in our family room.  This is the unit that will be used the most.
This one is in the Master bedroom.  Will probably be used more for atmosphere than for heat...but if we have a winter like we did last year... who knows!!

..and here is the one in the Library... but wait - something is just not right!

..even though the opening for this unit was wider and taller than any of the others, it is clearly over 6" more shallow!

They have to come back and replace this unit with another that is not as deep because there is no way we can make this look like it was a good design!

While I am thrilled that things are moving forward again with the house, the AC guys did not show up again yesterday and I have not received a confirmation as to when they will be back.  That will hold up most other contractors.  


donna baker said...

I feel your pain, Julie. We have built one house and I don't think I have it in me for another one. Are the fireplaces gas or wood burning? I would put a gas one in the library. Believe it or not, we haven't used ours in years because it is so messy and such a hassle to haul wood in so often.

Julie said...

Sadly - we do not have the option for a gas fireplace - or any gas appliances. I know this will not be the main fireplace, but at times I am sure we will burn a log or 2 in it for atmosphere!