Friday, July 18, 2014

The Pex System

This was something I knew nothing about until we started to plan our house.  It is a new delivery system of water throughout the house - both hot and cold that is akin to the way electricity runs through the house. 

Each faucet has it's own hot and cold water tubes.
That run from a main system that allows you to turn them on or off in the case of a leak, so you do not have to turn off all the house water!

Since we will have 2 hot water heaters, there are 2 of these systems in our home, one for one side and one for the other.

Whomever thought of this was a genius and it cost the same as the old type of water system.

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RiderWriter said...

Ok, I was already jealous of your new house in general but now I'm jealous of this water system! What a great idea!! Glad everything is coming along, more or less on schedule. :)