Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let There Be Light..

..well the natural kind anyway!!!

We have windows:

Front View

Back View:

Inside view of the Master and sitting area:
Inside view of the study

Hope to hear from the AC guy tomorrow morning so he can set the units and the plumbers can plan where the water heaters will go.
Not sure if the plumbers are done or not.
Dumpster delivered and is already full - should be swapped out tomorrow.
The exterior doors should be ready around the 15th - so maybe a day or 2 to get them delivered to the farm.
Still no word from the chimney guy - but I have been too busy to try and track him down.
Received 8 ceiling fans purchased over the internet.
Since our front doors are not set into a frame, I have to get a trim guy to put them up.  We took them down to the house anyway today.  It was the first thing we have been storing (for 13 years) that we moved down to the house.
At first I was upset - having these 2 weeks off on vacation when the rest of my family was not on vacation... well now I know.  God was watching out for me (again) because I would never ever have been able to work with all this going on at once.  I went down to the house no less than 5 times today.  Thank  you Lord for blessing me - even when I gripe because I do not understand. 

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