Thursday, July 24, 2014

Delay's...... sigh

I will post a few new pictures later today. 

Here is what has been done:

1.  Cupulas are roofed.

2.  Large arched window in 2nd story bedroom is in.

3.  Siding is continuing to go up.

4.  1 balcony is sealed

5.  plumbing pipes that go through the roof have been sealed

Here are the delays I have been dealing with this week:

1. The roofing company is the same company doing the sealant work on the Juliet balcony and the porch.  Well - the roofing is done but there was a delay on the sealant... yesterday they came out and only did the Juliet balcony... well - it is the large porch that allows the rain water to drench the breakfast area downstairs... so I was a bit stressed out yesterday.. I later found out that they have to make a special flashing for this doorway so it does not leak.... so this project will be continued tomorrow. 

Thank you Lord for keeping the rain away last night!!  

2. The door company has had huge issues getting the doors delivered - rain delay yesterday since the trailer they are using for delivery is open... suppose to be delivered today.

3.  Framers still need to frame in the antique stained glass windows - once that is done more siding can go up.

4.  Last 3 windows are scheduled to come in next week.

5.  Framers need to do something in the showers before the plumbers can continue... by this time my brain was fried... so I cannot remember what that 'something' is!

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