Friday, June 6, 2014

Framing Day 6

The only difference you may notice is what looks like shadows inside the framing:

..and that is because they are putting in the plywood tongue and groove subflooring.
This is all new to us - so we were waiting for the second story framing to start this week.  Maybe next week!!!!  Something exciting and fun to look forward to.
This morning the window rep came out.  We sat down to compare notes and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the windows for this house!!!  This is one splurge that I was not willing to compromise on.  They will have wood casings and the interior muttons will also will be made of wood.  Some will have the crank style of opening - just like the windows in my Grand Parents house!!


vivian said...

I bet youre on top of the world! Im so happy for you.. and a wee bit jealous too! :) I love seeing the progress!
have a great weekend

bj said...

{{{{ JULIE }}}}....SO SO glad to hear from you, girlfriend.
And, the fact that your forever, dream house is being built just blows me away. I am super excited for you and your family. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you are having trouble sleeping because of so much are blessed.
Speaking of blessings, let me tell you what we did when friends built their forever house. We all belong to a home fellowship group (about 10 years, now) and when their house got to a certain stage, after the rooms became recognizable, we all went thru the house, writing blessings, scripture, anything relating to GOD and HIS love for them, on the bare wood structure. Then we all had a wonderful dinner together (we all brought food). Sooo, deep in the bowels of their beautiful home, many, many wonderful blessings are floating around and surround our dear friends as they enjoy their new home.
If you should do this...will you let me know so I can give you MY blessing scripture or verse and you can write it for me.?

I am looking forward to watching the progress....thanks so much for coming by and telling me about all this excitement. :)
Hugs to you and your handsome husband....hope he is doing well.