Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Framing Day 5

I walked down to the job site early yesterday morning and all I heard was "Uno - dos - tres..."and then a series of loud grunts!  Poor guys!!  They were hoisting the huge support beams up to the top of the first floor.  The front view of the house has not changed much since the last picture I took...

...but the interior sure has!  Here you can see just one of the large beams and then many I beams shooting off of it.  We had to put in another huge order of lumber yesterday so I am not sure if the guys will be back until it gets here, but the weather is going to be nice for at least a week.

All the exterior doors are now ordered and purchased.  It will take a few weeks though before we get them since they need to be set in frames.  I was so excited to get the garage door with a built in smaller size doggie door!

I walked through the house and prayed at every threshold that every one who comes and goes will be blessed and that there would be peace to all who enter!  Thank you Lord!!

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