Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Horse Blog..

Riding Aside has been shelved for a bit.  I am so sorry about that...but let me tell  you the whole story.

Coming into this year, I had 2 horses in training, Sport, who is the really nice show horse I bred and Bella, who was just in for her initial start up training.  She just turned 3.  Well it was time to evaluate Bella and one thing she really needed was to grow, so I decided to bring her home for a while.  With that loosened up some funds to be used on our house.  Before I went to pick her up, I found myself constantly thinking about weekends and parts of the week I would not be at the farm for certain out of town horse shows and that bothered me.  From the moment we started construction, since we only hired a consultant and not a full time contractor (to save tons of money), I felt the need to be on the job site daily.  Something critical could happen when I was away and if days went by before I noticed, it could cost us in either money or a big headache!

Other personal things went along with this decision, but I called the trainer to discuss it with him and he said that 2 different ladies were interested in leasing Sport!  Wow - what a blessing that was!!!  Sport would stay in training under the trainer I trust.  He would continue on with his show career with seasoned riders that I trusted and when either of us wanted to end the lease, we could.  I felt such a wonderful peace come over me when he told me this and I knew it was the right thing to do for both Sport and I!

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JJ said...

That is a blessing for sure! Hopefully you'll be able to update us a bit on Sport from time to time :)