Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day...

Don - "What do you want for our anniversary?"
Me - "Something for the house."
Don - What do you want for Christmas?"
Me - "Something for the house."
Don - "What do you want for Valentines Day?"
Me.... "Guess!"

snicker snicker..... and here is what he gave me!

They are 2 matching antique beveled glass transome windows!  We want to use them above our master bedroom door and above the master bath door.

This was the pinterest picture I found that was the inspiration for this.
..and this is what my little home is starting to look like.  I have piles of things to be used in the house.  This is the light fixture pile.  There is a door knob pile, a plumbing pile, the framed mirror pile, the antique fireplace mantle pile and obviously the several antique stained glass and now transome window pile!!

The dirt guy said he would be out late this week to start breaking ground.  The weather has been good, so I pray he is on schedule and will be here!

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Patrinas Pencil said...

totally awesome! O the JOy of it all!