Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things I Have Picked Out For Our Home..

This Friday we are having our big budget meeting for the house!!!  Hoping to break ground any time now.  So  I wanted to share some things we have picked out for our home:
I have a very distinctive taste about fixtures and house decor.  I do not care for a lot of what is 'fashionable' right now which has made it difficult for me to find certain things at a reasonable price!   I do not like stark white and I do not like all stainless fixtures as they feel very cold to me.  I do not have much of a choice for the kitchen - but in the rest of  the house .. I do.
I am using solid brass fixtures in the more formal areas.  This light sconce will be in the formal half bath aside an antique framed mirror
Three of these 2 light sconces will flow up the curved staircase.

I have not made up my mind about this - but am thinking it would be wonderful for scraps that I take out to our chickens!

This is the chandelier we purchased for the dining room.  It is amazing!!

At the top of our stairs, instead of having a straight rail, which I thought looked like jail bars, we opted for a curved banister. 

I took this kitchen picture to the architect and just said... " I WANT THIS"!!

..and I want this Travertine floor in the kitchen..

..and this for the eating area..

I found these wonderful brass shower drains.. just to add a special touch for not much extra money.

I work all day on my computer and then search on it in the evenings ~ but the house is coming together.. well - at least it is on paper!
Hope top be posting pictures of the actual construction soon!!!


Kaede said...

One thought about the travertine floor. It's rock hard. When you drop things on it, they smash. Good by Belleek teapot! So long Lalique "Angels"! One of my dear friends has a beautiful randomly laid slate floor. Over 100 years old in Boston. She is having it pulled up after loosing her family's china to it. The floor got wet, she was carrying a stack of china, she slipped and dropped the stack. Kaboom! All gone. That china had been in her family since the mid 1800's. It's not gonna be handed down to her daughter. But Pru is lucky. She didn't hit the floor herself and wind up in hospital with a traumatic brain injury or a broken hip.

Patrinas Pencil said...

totally beautiful...everything. Love that kitchen. You must be like a little kid making your christmas wish list. I'm happy for you guys! hang in there. It'll be such a blessing when it's all complete. I can tell you are enjoying every sage of the planing! such excitement in the air.

patrina <")>><

RiderWriter said...

I second the thought on the travertine floor. Looks stunning, not the greatest for your stuff - or you - should you drop it. I am much-distressed that my extremely accident-prone mother put tile in her kitchen, because she has already needed stitches TWICE from dropping things that broke and then she stepped on them (this is a summer house, she refuses to wear shoes) or in the other case, a jagged chunk "jumped up" and cut her leg. Just something to consider!

Your taste is impeccable and I love the fixtures you've picked out, especially the sconces for the staircase. A curved rail at the top is a KILLER-good idea, too! (Mine are straight, although quite short so the "jail" effect is not as noticeable)

If I was building from scratch everything would have as much equine as humanly/tastefully possible, LOL. I know you will have some fun with that, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love everything you have done. The kitchen is amazing. We are also building a retirement home "last house" on a zero lot line. I will be following your blog closely. Thank you for sharing.