Monday, October 21, 2013

Soil Testing?

Last Thursday we had to have our soil tested.  Apparently - from this test they can tell if there is a fault line or such beneath the area where we want to build our home.  The cost?? $650.00 which included an extra $50.00 for coming out to our area.  I  know it is worth the effort to do this evidenced by what happened in the Woodlands... where a fault line was discovered only by evidence of home foundations breaking!  We do not want that to happen to us!!

I feel at this point all I am doing is writting checks.  Since we have yet to break ground, I am not as excited as I want to be.  I have to close my eyes and see my home in my "faith vision"! 

Yesterday though, this vision was enhanced as we now have the first drawings for the second story of the home!!


donna baker said...

I have never heard of that test, Julie. I have heard of soil test to make sure septic system will drain properly. There is somewhere on the web to keep a running tab on the house. Do you have a contractor? They are worth their weight in gold if you are too busy to deal with everything, but I found I could do much of it myself and not have to pay $100. per day for the contractor. Overruns used to be about 15% but I don't know what it is nowadays.

Julie said...

Hi Donna - since we live on the property where we are building and I also work from home - we are using the building company that I mentioned - Built Green. We have the partial use of a contractor so that we do a lot of the overseeing ourselves and he comes out to make check-ups a key points in the construction - instead of having to be here all the time - thus allowing him to work on more projects at the same time and saving us a LOT of money. I go to classes prior to each stage of the building process - educating me on what I need to know. I am really enjoying the process - but if I had not watched a friend do it prior - not sure I would have had the courage to do this.

So happy God placed her in front of my face when He did!!! Their house, although is not my style, is a magnificent success!