Friday, September 13, 2013

Green Built Custom Homes

This is the name of the company we are using to build our house.  Over the next year, I plan on giving you our exact experience with every single detail.  The motto of this company is:

"We are the premier "build on your lot" custom home builder in Texas! We provide the highest quality homes, at the best available price, period. Check us out today to see for yourself how easy it is to build your own home!"

Since our neighbors built their beautiful home with this company and raved about them... and the Lord alligned everything in a way that it was more than obvious that we should use them too (..but that is another long story for another post!) .. well this is who we are using.

Here are a few more reasons:

1.We already live at our farm, so it is easy to oversee the project. 
2. I work from home - so I am here almost 24/7. 
3. We have a very specific idea of what we want in a house and need a company that is as flexable as we are.
4. We do not want to finance our home and want to make good choices, being financially responsible and get the best deal possible.  that translates into doing some of the work ourselves and being able to move as quickly or slowly as we wish with each stage after getting the house dried in. 

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