Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SOOOO Many Blessings!

Don finished his Hep C treatment and in less than 1 month we will get the final blood test CONFIRMING he is healed!!  I can't wait for that wonderful day!

We have had some hick-ups with him getting his old job back.  They told him to come back ... but never would give him a start up date...  strange.  Days turned into weeks and weeks into months...and then we found out why - the owners sold the company.

Thankfully Don did not just sit on his laurels and wait for them.  He started to pound the pavement and talk to everyone he knew associated with the business.  He just started his new job and he is so excited.  Now we are both reviving our dreams of building a real house!

I pray that each and every one has a wonderful Christmas...and a very blessed New Year ...


RiderWriter said...

Good news, Julie! Blessings to all of you and yours as well.. sure do enjoy reading your blogs, and hope we can actually meet each other some day!

vivian said...

praise God for such great news Julie! In no time you'll be building that house and I will be so very happy for you and a wee bit jealous as well! LOL!
happy to see you here, I have been wondering about you.
I wish you and Don and the rest of you family a very very merry christmas!!

donna baker said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Julie.

RiderWriter said...

Julie, this was the quickest way to show you this furniture website with some items that are SURE to excite you:

Keep looking around in the Julie B. Bova collection, there is more great stuff with equestrian detail! (But be prepared to be be fairly disgusted by the designer due to her wealth, beauty and physique after four children ;-).