Monday, September 24, 2012


We were blessed with a trip to Vermont. Some friends let us stay in their lake house for as long as we wanted... Can you imagine!!!!  The longest we could stretch our stay out was 8 days. 

Don caught me thanking the Lord for this and so many other blessings..

This is the lake side of the beautiful house.

..and this was the amazing view!

The leaves were just starting to change colors..they will be at their peak in a week or 2.

The lake was occupied at times by small sail boats, canoes and even rowing teams getting in some practice!

It was nothing short of picturesque!
We saw so many covered bridges, I did not get pictures of them all.

If I was not antiquing .. I was doing a lot of this:

..and way way too much of this... EATING!
.. thank goodness I have Zumba tonight!


donna baker said...

Wow! What a beautiful trip. I've never been there but would love to go. Bet you were worrying about the animals at home. That is the only problem country folk have leaving the farm behind. I read about a lady starting a farm sitting business. I would love to find someone to do that for me. Last time I left, coyote ate my peacock. Love the new look of your blog. Very elegant. I sent Gracie off to a trainer. She's been gone a week. Thanks for your input/insight.

Kaede said...

Was this near Burlington on Lake Champlain?

Julie said...

It was Lake Dunmore

Christine said...

What a wonderful blessing! The place looks gorgeous - great photos! :)

AIice said...

Wow! That is really a beautiful place. It is indeed a lovely place to visit. Thanks a lot for the share.

Alice @ CheapSheds Propriety Limited

vivian said...

wonderful fun! glad you could get away. I think 8 days is a perfect amount of time to be away from home!
I bet its beautiful at your farm this time of year too!
have a great week julie