Saturday, July 28, 2012

Updates ...

about .. well , everything!

I stared to work from home the day after my training.  It was a strange transition and I had computer problems all day.  My internet would be fine for aoout 2 hours and then I would get kicked off and not be able to reconnect sometimes for an hour!.  All that off time has to be paid back and I was a nervous wreck!  I cried once and when I finally took some time for lunch, I took a hot bath trying to calm myself down! 

Well after many calls to my help desk and the pnone company, early this week a major defect was discovered in our phone lines and now everthing is great.  I love this!  I was spending roughly 3 hours a day driving back and forth to work.  Now I get a full nights sleep!  I watch Joseph Prince every morning.  I pray and just feel so much better.  If all that was not enough, Don is still on treatment for Hepatitis C.  There were so many days where he was really sick and when I left to go to work, I wondered if I should have stayed at home with him.  Now that is just not an issue... which brings me to my next Update:

Don has a bit less than 8 weeks left for his Hepatitis C treatment.  This year seems to have really dragged on a lot slower than the first time he took the year long treatment.  With the addition of the new drug added to the cocktail (Incevic) his side effects during the first 3 months were .. well just horrid.  He only had to take the Incevic for 3 months.  His Hep count has been undetectable since his 1 month check up.. which is outstanding to quote his doctor!  Still though, since your blood is in every area of your body, he had to continue the treatment for the full year. 

Now, he is lathargic, have extremely depressed White, Red and Platelet counts... Platelets went all the way down to 27,000 (normal is 140,000 to 400,000)  which is the lowest ever recorded for him and they did take him off of treatment for 1 week...BUT, Glory Be - we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  He sleeps seemingly 18-20 hours a day and when he is not sleeping, he has little energy to do much.  I am thrilled to say that when this is all over, normalcy should return!~ 

He will have doctors appointments after the treatment obviously, but it is the one at the 6 month mark that we anxiuosly await.  At 6 months with a undetectable Hepatitis C count, he is deemed completely healed.  His cirrhosised liver at that point could even improve in both function and texture.  We have our eyes set on the prize... and that is it!  

I think most of you who read this blog, also go over to the Riding Aside blog.  If not, here is a short quip about that.  When Don started his treatment, we decided that we would do anything possible to keep me very involved with the horses.  Many marrriages fail when one partner has to go through Hep. C treatments.  It is not only physically demanding, but also emotionally.  It is MANDATORY that the patients take anti-depressants during treatment. 

With my training, it gives me 1 day a week and an occasional horse show that takes me away from the world of doctors, diagnosis, injections and such.  Also, since I am quite a physical person, at this time when my husband cannot accompany me in many physical venues, this and taking Zumba classes has solved my restlessness.

I have now taught 3 of my own horses how to work in a sidesaddle and 2 horses that reside at Bluebommet Farm.  This is my passion ~ given to my by God!!  I am working towards showing Sport, my 5 gaited Saddlebred in the World Championship horse show in August 2013.  This event, whether I place or not, will make a pin point in history as there is (so far) no record of a woman who has ridden sidesaddle in the 5 gaited classes at the American Saddlebred World Championship show!

Like I mentioned above, I started to take Zumba exercise classes with my youngest daughter Joy.  I LOVE it!!  I now do it twice a week and would love to find another class so I can up that to 3X a week.  I will say however, I went to a class at another location recently and it was not very fun at all.  It really depends on who the teacher is!

Weight Loss
My initial motive for taking Zumba was to continue to lose the 15 pounds I had gained since my hysterectory.  One of my girl friends introduced me to the Dukan diet and when I read about it, I knew it was something I could stick with.  That is where my weight loss journey began.  I weighed in at 140 when I started and now weigh 131.  6 more pounds to go!  I lost about 5 pounds and then kind of plateaued.. until I started this class.  Then the weight started coming off again. 

I am still taking the bio-identical hormones, via cream on my forearms 2 X a day.  It is wonderful in the aspect that it stopped the muscle deterioration (sign of internal muscle deterioration is peeing when you sneeze hard or cough!), stopped the hot flashes and night sweats and Don says I am nicer!  ha ha.. I'll trust him on that one.  I sleep better and although my sex drive has not returned to 100%.. well - at least I have one now!

On the down side, I forget to use it even though I keep it in my bedside table!  I have heard about getting an implant that would deliver the hormones at a more consistent rate.  I have not looked into that yet. E-mail me if you want more information about this.  It is hell to suffer with menapause symptoms!  juliesize at yahoo 

Last year we sadly had a masacure of our chickens.  All but 1 were killed.  It is so tempting to let them out to free range, which is what we were doing, that on one of those occasions a predator came in.  It was sad.  We brought the one lone hen into the barn to live until we were ready to introduce her to some new baby chicks we purchased .. get this ... through the mail!  We ordered 20 pullots (sp??) baby girl chicks.  The reason we ordered 20 was because we did not think 20 would survive shipping.. but they did.  We now have 10 Barred Rock hens and 10 Columbian Rock hens that are just now starting to lay.... OH MY GOSH - what are we going to do with all these eggs when they start laying in full force!  I love eggs and because I only eat egg whites, I do go through quite a few of them on my own... but up to 20 a day???  Going to have to hang a sign outside that says Eggs For Sale!                      

The only real new horse news is that we sent Brittany (Sport's Mother) back to Stoney (Sport's Father) to be bred.  It was a last minute decision, but because the stallion owner was here and offered to haul her back for free as a part of the deal, we sent her to Tennessee.  Nothing happening yet.. but hopefully they can tease her into heat one last time this season and we can get a full sibling to the best horse I have ever ever ever bred!

We had 3 baby sheep this year...and 2 were a set of twins!  Twin sheep are not normally rare for sheep.. unless you are talking about the breed we have, so it was a big exciting deal for us!  On the down side, every one of our babies was a ram lamb.  We need all ewe lambs next year to make up for this year!

Close to our heart is the development of this farm.  We replaced much of our wood fencing with black improved PVC type fencing and it is just beautiful!  We put in an additional outdoor arena and left a large open area for a covered riding arena.  We rean electricity to the back of the farm which cost a pretty penny that we were not expecting and planted lots of Red Shummard Oak trees down what will be the road to the back.  Still to go is the actual road, a well and to continue on with the house plans.  Not sure if the house will proceed the riding arena or the other way around.  I do dream of opening up a Sidesaddle Riding School for girls calls ... can you guess... Riding Aside!  But then again, I so want a real home.  I love our barn-house, but envisioned it only as a transition point into a home large enough for my family to be comfortable in when they come to visit. 

Ahh - I will just do my best not to get into the way of any blessings that the Lord has for us and it shall all come to pass!!! 

**I know this is a lot to read.. but I have seriously neglected this blog.  Maybe now that things are settling down with my work, other things will start to line up as well!  


RiverBend Farm said...

Well, Julie, I've been wondering where you've been but figured you're extremely busy (which is sounds like). Pretty exciting and beneficial with you working from home. I pray for Don a speedy recovery and that these last weeks go by fast. Hopefully, now that you're home, you can get out and enjoy a walk outside during the day. Blessings. Berte

vivian said...

hi Julie! so nice to read all your updates. how lucky you are to be able to work from home and to end up with 3 extra hours a day! thats a big blessing! YOu are a busy girl!! I think you need that extra time. Glad to hear Don is almost done with his treatment. soon soon soon.. life will be normal again!
dont be such a stranger!! we want more updates!

donna baker said...

Julie, so glad to hear all about what is going on at your place. We have so much in common. I have an OLD sidesaddle I'd love to give you. Glad your husband is close to finishing his treatments. We went through many weeks at MD Andersen in 2001 so I know how hard it is when someone in the family is chronically ill. My husband is having problems from all the radiation today and is down to 126 lbs but we keep going on each day. Thank you so much for your opinion on Gracie. I am willing to keep her forever and ask for nothing in return except that she doesn't bite and minds her manners. If I can't find a trainer to help and so far, I haven't been able to find one, then I'll just have to try and whack her when she is being pushy. I grew up with a gelding, but he was calm and I never had any problems with him. Gracie is a blue roan beauty. She was in a field behind my house and I fed her for two years because the neighbors wouldn't. I don't want to give up on her. Just need to teach her who is boss. I have been reading books about their training and behavior, but I must admit, with a new knee and another still to come, I am not physically able to put her on a long lead and well, you know the rest. I'd be the one being dragged about the pasture. I'll keep trying to find a trainer and let you know how it's going. Hang in there and thank you so much for answering me.

Justabeachkat said...

I read it all! As you know, with the move (the listing, the open houses, the packing, the move, the unpacking, etc.)I've neglected my blog a lot too. It's kinda hard to get back, but I'm working on it.

I'm so glad you're able to work from home...that has to be a real blessing.

I pray Don continues to do well with his treatment and that this will be behind him soon.

Big hugs,

Mary Ann said...

Glad to hear the treatment is going well, and that things are progressing at your farm!

Anonymous said...

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