Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hi! Happy Easter!!

I have been putting a lot of dedication into my Riding Aside blog.. and totally ignoring this one.

Don is now half way through his treatment. Some days are good they are close to normal. Others are not so good. He runs a fever, a lot of nausea, leg cramps and other symptoms that are just not very nice. One concern is his platelet count. At last count it was 31,000. Normal is 140,000 to 400,000. If it gets into the 20's they will decrease the dose of his meds...which is something we do NOT want. His red blood count is also low, which accounts for a lot of fatigue.

We still have the 20 baby chicks... which are not so little anymore. They love living in the hen house. One of them is 'special'... but as soon as I snap a picture, I'll do a post on her.

The weather is amazing. The pastures are green and all of the prayers I said over our beautiful old trees last year during the heat wave and drought were heard by God as evidenced by the lovely new growth! This year we have had rain every single week!

Everyone else in the family is happy and healthy.

Work is so crazy that I saw a bumper sticker that said:
"I used to have a life, but my job ate it!"
I burst into laughter .....


Mary Ann said...

I pray that your husband continues to do well in his treatment. I know how hard it is on the patient!

vivian said...

hey!! dont be ignoring this blog! I'm glad things are going ok. I'll be sending up a quick prayer for Dons blood counts to improve... in just a second!
I hope you had a happy Easter.

RiverBend Farm said...

Julie, good to hear from you! I was wondering how things are going. You and Don continue in my prayers.