Sunday, April 22, 2012

That is One Ugly Chick!

Remember the 20 baby chicks we bought? They are all still alive and well! We moved them out to the hen house.
10 are Barred Rock hens and 10 are Columbian Rock hens.
As they started to grow, we noticed that one of the Columbian Rock hens was kind of ugly..
She was not only much smaller and slower growing..
..but also seemed to be almost void of feathers.
As she grew, she started to get a few feathers around her neck and a few on the tips of her wings. The rest of her body was either totally naked or had fuzzy fur like down. She still looks like she is wearing fuzzy bloomers.
In all other aspects, she seems perfectly healthy, but she cannot fly even high enough to get up on the perch...


RiverBend Farm said...

Wishing ugly "duckling" might turn out to be a swan but probably not in this case. Hopefully, it's just a slow developer to get those feathers for flight and muscles for lift-off.
Your chicken house is so you!!! I love it!

Michelle said...

Poor little chicken!

Junebug said...

You might want to watch her. Usually the flock pick out the smallest, weakest and pecks at them, which her back resembles.

Dianne said...

Julie how is Don?
Love the hen house!