Monday, January 9, 2012

Auction Treasure!

I TRY very hard not to buy stuff at the auction... unless I know specifically where I can use it in the house we are going to build. We already have a lot of lovely furniture that belonged to my parents and grand parents that I have inherited. With that said, this is the latest thing I purchased at an antique auction!

It is a huge 12 x 17' wool hand knotted oriental rug. It is used and needs to be lightly cleaned .. but it is really really beautiful!

It has just a touch of red... and I believe it will go nicely with my Mothers 2 wing backed chairs (currently in storage) .. and all to be used in the library / study.When I purchased this rug and measured it, I had to call our architect to tell him to increase the size of the study by a few feet... just to the rug will fit! The original purchase ticket was still on the back of the run and it said .... $10,000.00

Want to know what I paid for it?

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Hold on to your seat....

I paid $250.00 for it!


vivian said...

awesome deal! I'm so excited about you building your dream house.. well, and jealous too.. but mostly excited for you!

RiderWriter said...

WOW - that's fantastic! And I have to tell you, I certainly like it because I swear that is virtually the exact same pattern I have on the rug in the dining room, which my mom gave to me. Ours has a dark blue border instead of red, though. Mom bought it to go in my childhood DR and I bet she did pay many thousands. I am lucky to have it, needless to say!

BeBe said...

most excellent score

phaedra96 said...

Not just a deal; a steal!

Nancy Beguiristain said...

WOW! Don't you love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I found the online listing of I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Bargains, beautiful homes, and best of all there is a provenience that I find pleasing. Some other person has chosen, lived with, and now is passing on something beautiful and useful thus giving it a new life. Good going on that rug, $250 thats just great. Ann