Monday, December 19, 2011

Fall or Winter?

For the last several months we have been renovating our horse fencing...ALMOST ALL OF IT!

Some is wood ..

..and some is a new product called black line fencing. It is a modified and much improved PVC type product. While I was taking these pictures though, I noticed something.

I am sure you all heard or saw news coverage about the terrible fires and historic drought we suffered through here in Texas this last summer. Well, look at the lovely display the trees are giving us this year.

Normally in Texas the trees go from lush green to brown.. even Red Oaks, which is what these trees are.I have always wanted to go to Vermont in the Fall just to see the leaves... well, even though the timing is a bit late, this is every bit as beautiful as what Vermont has to offer. I sure am glad we chose to plant more Shumard Red Oak trees down the new fence line!!

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Kaede said...

The thing about Vermont is the abundance of sugar maples. They go yellow, red, orange and green all on the same tree. It's the sap. The high sugar (and different types of sugar: foliar starch, glucose
and fructose ) levels in the leaves make all the colors available and vivid. The amount of sunshine on the leaves will determine the amount and type of sugar.

In Vermont, mountain sides are covered with sugar maples (called a sugar bush) all of the trees "going off" at slightly different times in slightly different colors.