Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Touches!

Here is our tree.

I love Rosemary topiary's!

This was one of my Father's favorite composers, Veridi. I love his Victorian look as well as his music.

I found these beautiful 'rose balls' at Target for about $10.00 each. The roses are made of wood shavings. So beautiful..and not just for Christmas, but for Valentine's Day as well.

This is one of the busts I inherited from my Father this last year.

Another score from an antique auction was the game table that these Christmas boxes are stacked on.

This is an antique twin bed we found at an auction a couple of years ago for a STEEL! We have it in our 3rd bedroom. A little handmade reindeer made the whole room Merry!


CG said...

Your house is lovely and the reindeer is adorable!

Is that a riding arena outside the window in a few pics?

Merry Christmas!

RiderWriter said...

Two things: one, I think I have the same B/W toile curtains as you (if they're not the exact same Waverly pattern it's darn close), and two, I LOOOOOOVE your cornice boxes over your with the bits on them! SO clever! I am very inspired...

You sure do a great job mixing in antiques with modern touches. I just hate it when I go to people's homes and they have NOTHING old. I enjoy being able to go around and say, "That was my grandmother's and this came from Hubby's grandma," etc. Priceless memories along with fine furniture and accessories. :-)