Wednesday, November 9, 2011


We just returned from the doctors and the blood work drawn at 2 weeks after he started treatment is ALREADY showing -0- count for the Hepatitis C!!!!! ZERO!!

That does not mean that Don gets to stop his meds though. Since this virus is in his blood and your blood saturates every single part of your body, they have to make sure that every single little last Hep.C cell is dead and gone so that it will not reproduce...but in the doctor's words... for Don to have gone from a count of over 100,000 to 0 in just 2 weeks - especially for the fact that it took him 5 months to get to zero count the last time he was treated... "is just remarkable!"

As for the lower back pain, although it could be a small kidney stone, it is more likely muscle spasms...just another lovely side effect from the meds.

Woooo Hoooo... We are so thrilled to get this behind us!!!


Justabeachkat said...

So so so happy for the news!


Helen said...

OH YES ... best news ever. Just in time for holiday magic.

CG said...

That is wonderful news!

vivian said...

God is so good Julie! that is freaken awesome!

Dianne said...

Enjoy it!! So happy for you!

RiderWriter said...

Wow, I am practically speechless! What an incredible result. If he is truly cured I do believe it's a miracle... you have had faith and your prayers have been answered. I will be sharing this news with a friend whose hubby is also suffering. In his case, it's a "mystery illness" that the doctors can't seem to figure out. So frustrating, scary, debilitating, the works. Healing CAN happen!