Monday, October 31, 2011

What a Wonderful Blessing!

..or maybe I should say BLESSINGS! First of all it is Don's Birthday today.

Secondly, today is Don's last day at work as he will be taking medical leave to complete this year of Hepatitis C treatment and it has been making his body very tired.

..and last but certainly not least, Don and I have depended more and more on Bible Studies through our Satellite TV and although there are many good preachers, we really fell in love with Pastor Joseph Prince. He not only preaches about New Testament Grace of Jesus, but because he is proficient in both Hebrew, the language the Old Testament was first written in, and Greek, which is the language the New Testament was first written in, he is gifted with a wonderful way of opening up the true meaning of the scriptures. I can honestly say that I have never listened to one of his sermons without learning something!

Anyway, for the first time, Pastor Prince came to the United States to preach and you guessed it - he came to Houston, a mere 75 miles away for us. Some friends packed the car with us and off we went for the Sunday morning service. As expected, the Pastor delivered yet another eye (and heart!) opening sermon that touched us all. As it was coming to a close though and we were praying, I was praying for something completely different and all of a sudden it was like a movie started in my mind. I saw a completely cirrhosised liver transform into a beautiful healthy one! I KNEW the message was from God. It felt completely tangible .. like something I could actually hold on to!! I now have a renewed sense of hope and faith that Don is going to get well.

Thank you Lord.. that you care so much not only to touch Don's body... but to touch and settle my restless mind!!

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Justabeachkat said...

Just reading about your vision gave me sweet chills! Our God is so awesome.

Happy Birthday to Don! Happy Halloween to you both.