Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Madison is Learning How to Ride...


She is so tiny on that big pony. Her legs barely make contact with the horse and yet she is doing so well guiding and posting the trot. sigh.....


Justabeachkat said...

Hi there

I'm baaaack! I've been a bad blog friend and haven't visited much lately, but I've had a good excuse :)

Cute video of Madison, even though it showed up sideways. lol (btw...you know you can download the video to your blog, right? Just click on share on the YouTube site and it will give you the code to embed on your blog.)

Hope Don is feeling good.


Nicole said...

How exciting! I haven't been able get video of my 5 year old niece riding yet. But every time she does ride she always asks if she can ride sideways like the lady does. She loves your sidesaddle blog. She also just told me to let you know she's praying for your husband too.