Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bio-Identical Hormones

Today I picked up my bio-identical hormones. Here they are!
I had to laugh when I saw them..but this is how you get them. Each 'baggie' holds a different hormone cream filled set of syringes. Obviously I have 4 different kinds. Some I used once a day and others I use 2 times. I rub the prescribed amount on my arms between my wrist and my elbows, careful not to get the cream on my hands. This is something that I do NOT want to transfer to anyone else, especially Don.

The large white tube is medication that is applied vaginally. It will be used daily for only 2 weeks and then reduced. I have learned so much through this research. Did you know that if you have a testosterone deficiency, you not only have a low sex drive.. but you are probably losing muscle and bone at an alarming rate? I noticed over the past 2 years, simple farm chores have become very difficult for me. A 50 pound bag of feed feels like it weighs 100. I have lost so much muscle tone. I no longer have the definition on my arms, although I do the exact same chores I always have. I also have gained 4 inches in the waist and while I have gained a few pounds, it is no where near the amount that would add 4 inches to your waist! It is responsible for other things too, such as endurance, bone loss and memory.

The pharmacy I am working with made these medications specifically for me using the details of the saliva test I took. The pharmacist told me that while we are starting out slow, I should feel a difference within 2 months and as we go, the medications can be 'tweaked' according to what I experience.

I was thrilled at the cost. I was expecting to have to pay 200 - 300 dollars for custom made medication which my insurance does not pay for. It was only $129.00. That I can manage, especially if it makes me feel better and stops these dag blasted hot flashes!!!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Helen said...

As a woman who has gone through menopause, I find all of this fascinating. I am going to have my testosterone level checked.