Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Over 2 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy. Since I am adopted and do not have any medical history at all, I opted to get a full hysterectomy, which means that I no longer have ovaries. At the time, it sounded like the best solution for me.

10 days after my operation, I was crying my eyes out and MISERABLE! The doctor prescribed a synthetic hormone for me, something I wanted because I object to the way the mares are treated to make Premarin. The synthetic drug did not work. Several weeks later, I gave in and filled a prescription of Premarin. It did not work either. Months went by.. and then it rolled into 2 years. I had so much going on in my life with my Fathers illness and then his death and my husbands illness, I just kept using the excuse 'not enough time' to activily try and find a real solution to my problem. I did try every product I could find over the counter and NOTHING seemed to really help me get to where I felt normal again. I started to believe that I was just going to have to wait it out.

Thankfully, the crying episodes stopped within the first month. Others SYMPTOMS persisted and new ones reared their ugly head. Hot flashes so bad they threw me into a panic if I was not in a place where I could immediately shed some clothes, night sweats so bad that I have absolutely RUINED the beautiful bed our daughter bought for us as a Christmas gift. Although I have managed to maintain my weight, my waist is 2+ inches larger than it was and my muscle tone is GONE! ..AND WHAT SEX DRIVE?? ..and there you have the final blow. Because of my husbands health issues, he feels good sometimes and bad other times. When he feels good though, I want to be 'ready to go' (for lack of a better way of saying it!). You get my drift...

So, yesterday a lady I work with told me about a small pharmacy that works with more holistic methods. They test you and create a 'cocktail' of sorts that works for what you are having problems with. I went directly over there after I got off of work.

After talking to the whole pharmacy staff (they were laughing at my symptom descriptions) and asking for their help, they gave me this:

It is a saliva test kit that I used and sent into the lab just today. The kit was free but I had to send the lab $150.00 when I mailed in my sample. By 'sample' I mean that I had to spit in a test tube until it was 1/2 full right after I awoke this morning. This test will tell exactly where my hormone level are and once again, I am going to try and get my body straightened out! I will let you know how it goes.....

Has anyone else done this? If you don't want to post something on my blog, you are welcome to e-mail me at juliesize at yahoo dot com


Dianne said...

Hope you find answers. Yu deserve to feel great. xoxo

vivian said...

oh Julie.. youre a hoot... when I had my hysterectomy i kept my ovaries. I think they are still working.. that I think I could grow a full beard! lol! only its not really funny. I hope they are able to help you.. my help comes in the form of tweezers and a 10 x mirror and a lot of time plucking! sometimes for hours!
keep us posted.

RiderWriter said...

Oh, Julie, I really feel for you. So far all my girlie parts are still on board, and functioning pretty much normally, but I'm dreading the slowing-down phase I know is coming. Yee-haw. I hope this holistic pharmacy can help you! We have a compounding pharmacist here in my little town and I had a friend who swore up and down that some concoction he made her saved her sanity and marriage. So I guess I'll be heading over there when the time comes.

I swear, men REALLY REALLY have no clue as to what we go through, do they?? Yeah, they can have those fun prostate exams and problems, I know, but I think still we shoulder an unfair burden when it comes to the creation of new humans. Starting with periods for 40 or so years! And then we largely deal with conception/contraception. *sigh* /rant