Monday, August 8, 2011

Killer Heat...

The heat wave and drought we are having is really starting to hurt us. Not only are many beautiful hard wood trees dying in the forests, but we have now lost 2 animals due to this heat! Last week, we found one of our hens dead in the chicken coop. We let them free range during the day, but the hens run back to the (hot) coop in the middle of the day to lay their eggs.

Saturday we lost a sheep. It is so dry that we had to water a spot on the ground for 6 hours in order to soften it up enough to dig a hole! Then, when we dug the hole, it was very difficult because the wet earth was extremely heavy. Today I am wearing a posture support garment because my back is so sore!

Thankfully we are on a well and an aqueduct runs under our property, so the water underground is available to us. We keep the hoses and sprinklers going on the things that need it most and we have been very blessed that none of our ancient trees (further back on the property) have perished.


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Dianne said...

How long since you have had rain Julie? I hate hearing about the animals and the heat...just pitiful. We have had the nicest summer storms, I cannot imagine. I will be praying.
I hope Don is doing alright. Think of you guys often.