Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We want to put in more horse fencing... and we NEED to replace some that is quite beat up! I love the look of real wood, but after 10 years of replacing and repainting and resetting 4x4's ... well - we are just plain pooped out and tired of real wood. This Friday we have a fencing rep. coming out to the farm to show us a product called Blackline Ranch Rail. From what I have read, it is exactly what we want... albeit the high price! This is what it looks like:

It has the appearance of real wood... and it is much stronger than the PVC type fencing so it is almost indestructible. Normal PVC fencing will shard and break if a horse kicks it, especially if it is very cold. If a horse rubs on it, the planks can pop out of place. As you can see though with this product, it is reinforced so those things are much less likely to happen.

Anyone have anymore information about this product?


Colin said...
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The Glover Family said...

HI, I have looked into horse fence and have found a product that looks like vinyl but is powder coated steal. Awesome... It is a little pricer but not bad. The company is Buckley Fencing. Check them out, they will even send you a sample. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Did you install this product? I have been researching it and have gone back and forth between the Blackline hhp, the ToughStuff and the Centaur.