Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don's Appointment..

.. was yesterday. He has an umbilical hernia. We were not sure if it was one that needed to be operated on ... or if it could wait. After the exam, it seems that he will have to have it surgically corrected in the near future. He also has to have the endoscope and the colonoscopy done soon. We have to just wait until his doctor can line up a general surgeon on the same day he is available.. so all can be done at once. So I guess this is a 'to be continued' subject for a later date!

He has been having unprovoked nose bleeds again. We went to the lab after his appointment to get his platelet count checked. Waiting to get those results.

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Michelle said...

Sorry to hear that Julie! Hope they can get him in sooner than later and get him all fixed up. Keep us updated! Jingles in the meantime!