Friday, May 27, 2011

Update on Don..

We had a doctors appointment last week. The FDA recently approved a new drug for Hepatitis C called Victrelis. This is not a stand alone drug.. it is a drug that is combined as a cocktail of sorts ... along with the other chemotherapy drugs which he already took for a year without success and it contributes to a larger SVR (cure) rate. This much we already knew about the drug. What we did not know was that because Don has cirrhosis he must again go through 48 weeks of these horrific drugs instead of 24 as we anticipated. (Combination of pills and abdominal injections)

Victrelis is so new that we must attend a class given by the drug manufacture before they will allow Don to take it. It has a new set of side effects and cautions. I have already read about them... and have not told Don. Some sound quite harsh.

Prior to taking these drugs though .. Don has to go back in and get another endoscope and colonoscopy done to make sure his varaces do not need further repair. These drugs make his vessels weak, so doing any kind of procedure after he has started the treatment is not an option.


Helen said...

Julie, each time I look at your blog header image I feel encouraged, full of energy, faith. Keep looking at it.

RiverBend Farm said...

Wow, lots to talk about. Y'all are a couple of brave souls if you move forward with this. I'll keep you in my prayers.

vivian said...

eiy yie yie! I guess we do what we have to do.. I just wish he didnt have too!

Dianne said...

Oh Julie, is Don up to all that? Are there any other options? I am praying that wise decisions will be made by you and the doctors.