Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whewww! False Alarm!

For the last 3 weeks, I have had upper back pain. I know that sleeping on my stomach (with my head turned all the way to the side) makes it worse.. but even though I make myself fall asleep on my back, I wake up on my stomach! Huff...

Anyway - yesterday, while I was at work, just sitting at my desk, the pain increased by 10 fold. I had a shooting pain coming out the top of my left shoulder, another one under my left breast that ran all the way through my body to my back and it hurt to take a deep breath! YIKES!!!

I left work a bit early and headed over to my General Practitioner's office. They gave me the whole work up... physical exam, EKG and chest x-rays. Nothing showed up. Is that a good thing? I thought to myself. Then the doctor came in and started to press his thumb on my back.. Not 1 .. not 2 .. but 3 totally different points caused me to almost come off the exam table! OUCH THAT HURT!!!

Turns out that all that pain was from nothing more than sore and stiff muscles. Now, I ask you... what would I have to be sore and stiff from??? (snicker)

So after a fist full of prescriptions, a Cortisone shot (ouch) .. and an actual prescription for deep tissue massages, I left. Now - to most of you that deep tissue massage sounds wonderful.. but for me (and my 3 pressure points) it sounds like a torture session!


Helen said...

It might hurt at first ... but trust me, it will help!!!

Michelle said...

I had terribly sore shoulders about a month ago and (unknowingly) went for a deep tissue massage. It was indeed a torture session but it really did help!

Dianne said...

Hope you get fast relief....many depend on you. It's good to see you are taking care of yourself in the midst of all this needyness. :)